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Wearable Device Causes Skin Reactions

As with any product use, anyone can develop sensitivity to any of its ingredients (or become allergic). Recently, consumers of the wearable device, FitBit Force reported experiencing skin reactions after its use. One of the consumers reported being diagnosed with contact dermatitis by her doctor. Other users of the FitBit Force reported severe skin irritations including blisters, rashes and peeling skin.

Hair conditioner recipe for reviving dry Winter tresses

Here’s a new recipe I tried last week in attempts to add some much needed moisture to my hair. I hesitated at first to use this as I feared it would turn my hair super oily, but in the end, gave my strands healthy shine and a softer touch, ok and made it just a little oily. I really like making my own skin care products these days because I have control over what I put on my skin. It’s also a great way to lessen one’s body burden (I just counted 24 ingredients on an old conditioner bottle :O Who needs all that stuff?@#$).