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Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care


Howdy skin ravers, how are you this fine Tuesday morning?

Today, I am excited to share the first of 2 product reviews from Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care incorporates organic herbs and botanicals, 70% of which are all grown and harvested locally in Colorado.

In addition to being USDA certified, Lily's products are handcrafted in their own USDA certified laboratory.

As some of you already know, after trying products containing more natural ingredients, and in this case, ALL natural ingredients, it's pretty difficult going back to using more chemical filled products.

For me it's like eating organic, once you've eaten organic strawberries, it's hard to chew and swallow regular strawberries knowing they have been treated with synthetic pesticides and likely have more pesticide residues. You just want less chemical exposures.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care makes looking for synthetic, chemical free skin care product options easy ..

Check out Lily Farm Fresh's Nourishing Facial Cleanser, from their Anti-Aging Line.