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What Factors Do You Think About When Choosing a Product?

I am always intrigued by what motivates people into choosing the products they buy. Since I have always been the wing man along for the ride, it made me look at what my own thoughts are when pondering a skin care product purchase.

Before buying any skin care product, what questions do you ask yourself?

Let’s use the example of choosing a facial skin cleanser. Before making my purchase, I think about what I want the product to achieve in terms of my skin care needs, while also factoring in ingredients and price.

Are You Keeping Your FitBit Force?

Last week, CEO and co-founder of FitBit announced a voluntary recall of their wearable device, FitBit Force. After consumer complaints of skin irritations and allergic reactions, the company has set up a website for refunding those who no longer want the fitness device. However, for those who wish to keep their FitBit Force, the company will still provide consumer support for the product.

In the meantime, the company says it’s working on their next generation fitness tracker and will give an announcement about it soon.