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About Rave About Skin

Hello fellow skin lover! Thanks so much for checking in with me at Rave About Skin. For the past 16 years, I have been a lover of everything that has to do with our skin. From skin health to cosmetic treatments and skin care products, you name it, I love learning about it and checking it out. Come summer 2013, makes 17 years in Nursing for me (16 of those years in Dermatology Nursing).  In that time, I have come to learn a lot about skin health (though still learning!) and have developed a real passion for sharing what I’ve learned. Helping patients develop positive behaviors so they can have the best skin health for life has been such a privilege.  I have always seen a big need to focus on primary prevention and sharing basic information on skin care, but realize not only is skin health dependent on skin care regimens, it’s immensely influenced by your lifestyle (hello! Are you eating well?, drinking enough water?, getting enough sleep?, kicking stress in the pants??!!!). Yes, they are connected.

If you’re interested in overall wellness AND healthier skin, you’re in the right place. If you’re health conscious and want more knowledge about the products you use, then stay tuned. Wanna pick up a few basic recipes for making your own lip balm and skin cream?  (you know you do!)

On our journey, you’ll read more on my new passion towards healthier living through the use of more natural products. Evidently, many of the chemicals in our personal care products, are showing up in our bodies (and our ecosystems!). If you think about it, this isn’t all that surprising as our skin, the largest organ of our body, can absorb so much. Many of these chemicals have been proven carcinogenic and harmful. Does this concern you??? It definitely worries me!

I am all about having options available for us as consumers as this enables us to make healthier choices.  But I want to be active in creating a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. These days, I really strive to learning as much as I can as well as finding products that have less chemical ingredients.

By visiting Rave About Skin, I hope our journey enables you:

  • To become a better informed consumer
  • To learn basic skin care  tips for healthier, glowing skin
  • To practice more preventive measures to optimize skin and overall health
  • To have a heightened awareness of  your skin, overall health, and the factors that affect it
  • To learn more about skin care products and the ingredients that go in them
  • To share your experiences (and help others) in the community forums
  • To have a place to rave about anything skin related!!! 

One last thing I wanted to say… I know we as people (in our western society) focus a lot of our energies on what we can do on the outside to make our skin shine and look radiant, but over time, I’ve learned that by treating yourself and your spirit with love, kindness and focusing on what makes you happy on the inside, honestly outshines anything you try to achieve externally. When people are genuinely happy from within, it radiates. The cosmetic treatments and make-up on the outside only enhances that beauty. Don’t you agree? 

OK, that’s my 2 cents for now.

I would LUV LUV LUV for you to share your thoughts, make suggestions and tell me what you’d like to read more about. Here’s to healthy skin, so let’s start raving!