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KONAD Nail Stamping Art – OMG, how fun!!#$%^

I openly admit it’s been years since I’ve had a professional manicure. I also confess to having no particular interest in nail polish or long nails. As it’s been ages since I’ve whiffed the smell of formaldehyde (from being in the nail salon) or my nails being anything but transparent, it was totally unexpected my response at the mall (check this out).

You know how strip malls have those vendor carts: some sell jewelry, others sell skin care….well the one that stopped me in my tracks sold nail stamping art! Can I say OMG????

The salesgirl stopped me to demonstrate and within a few seconds of seeing this,

I was hooked. I quickly searched through the image plates and checked out (I couldn’t wait to get home and try it).

How does it work?

1) Apply nail polish to desired image on plate

2) Remove excess polish with blade at 45 degree angle

3) Press applicator over image plate to pick up image and press to apply image from applicator to nail


It takes a few attempts to get the technique down and you must work fast enough so the nail polish doesn’t dry so the polish with image can transfer to the nail.

There are special Konad polishes but I didn’t purchase it from the salesgirl as I wasn’t sure if it contained formaldehyde. I did wind up buying a Wet n Wild nail polish in white from a Duane Reade but realized it wasn’t as thick as the Konad one. Nonetheless, I was still tickled pink with my nail art!

Take a look

There are so many image plates to choose from with picture images as well as patterns!

Is this cool or what?!@#$% OMG. So far I’m diving into white, I’m sure I’ll hit the pinks next!

Check out Konad Nail Stamping Kit

Have you tried nail stamping? Share ur pics in the comments below :)