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Mehta Massage - A Natural Face-lift

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I recently learned of a facial massage technique called Mehta Facial Massage or Indian Face Massage.

Coming from a dermatology practice where Botox and various fillers were used, I was definitely intrigued upon hearing of a natural way to rejuvenate facial skin without the use of any injectable material or technological device. Can this be true?? According to my instructor at Christine Valmy, it is! 

Mehta face massage was developed by Kundan Mehta from her many years of research and training. Using specialized techniques, it incorporates 8 stages of massage which focus on freeing the muscles and connective tissue layers of the face of any muscle tension. The idea is that tension can build up in our facial muscles from our daily stresses in life and become constricted over time preventing full range of motion. The limited movement in our facial muscles can result in loss of muscle tone and lead to sagging of skin and formation of wrinkles.

The principles of this massage come from Ayurvedic science also known as the science of life. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that health is a balanced integration between the environment, body, mind and spirit.

So in releasing tense facial tissue, what can this massage help to naturally correct?

With systematic, thorough massaging of the skin and balancing of energy, the Mehta Face Massage is thought to help promote circulation to the skin cells resulting in tighter smoother skin, a brighter appearance and less noticeable lines and wrinkles.

Kundan Mehta is the author of “The Art of Indian Face Massage." The Facial Rejuvenation technique has been developed from her experience of physical massage and Reiki. She has been practicing bodywork for more than 10 years, is a qualified beauty therapist also qualified in Indian Head Massage. She currently teaches Indian Head Massage alongside with her husband Narendra Mehta in London.

I did not find any research articles regarding this specific massage technique, however, there is a book available for those who wish to learn more. Personally, I would love to see this technique researched within a study. There are studies out there that look at the effect of topical agents on the dermis and epidermis, I would be curious to see how Mehta Face Massage would compare.

Do you believe in the possibilities of systematic massage to rejuvenate facial skin? What techniques do you use if any?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.