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Soy-Pumpkin Lip Balm Recipe

I first started making lip balms as a result of an allergic reaction to a fruit scented/ flavored lip balm I purchased from the drugstore (read here).

After realizing 1 or more of the ingredients didn’t agree with me, I had no choice but to "basic" down the ingredients in lip products I use. In addition to throwing out many lip balms, Lip glosses and lipsticks (it was SO sad) I started making my own lip savs to avoid fragrance and exposure to other allergens.

This winter being so cold and harsh as it is (not to mention long :O Is it over yet??), I really worked to come up with a recipe that would rescue my cracked, dry lips.

I am happy to report this easy lip sav recipe has nourished my lips and helped me avoid any lip peeling episodes. I find it creates a shine even without having to add castor oil.  The soy butter, pumpkin seed butter, and natural beeswax mixed in jojoba oil blends well. I find adding soy butter makes the sav creamy and even more luxurious with enhanced skin softening ability.

Why I Chose These Ingredients

Soy - Topical benefits of soy include skin hydration, improving skin elasticity as well as its potential for anti-aging effects due to soy’s antioxidant profile. Soy contains essential fatty acids, lecithins and isoflavones.

Pumpkin - The benefits of pumpkin seed butter are due to its high linoleic acid content and antioxidants tocopherol + phenol content.

Jojoba Oil - Jojoba oil is a great moisturizing and soothing carrier oil. It closely resembles human sebum and does not clog pores.

To make this recipe vegan friendly, replace the beeswax with a vegetable wax. Please note this recipe is adjustable to your own liking. You can mix different butters, or carrier oils with wax. I like the consistency of the sav using the present ratios. If you like a softer blend, then use less wax or add more of the carrier oil.

**Important reminder: beeswax contains propolis, do not use beeswax if you are allergic to bees or bee products. Try a vegetable wax instead.


1 part beeswax

3 parts soy butter

2 parts pumpkin seed butter

2 parts jojoba oil golden

a microwaveable dish

Lip pot containers

All of my raw ingredients were purchased online at New Directions Aromatics.

Step 1

Prepare all bowls, equipment and make sure all items have been cleaned well and dry. Get lip pot containers ready.

Step 2

Place all butters, oils and wax in the microwaveable dish. Here's me making a small batch for home use.

Using the microwave, heat using 30 second intervals until wax is completely melted, see picture below.

Step 3

Stir and mix ingredients. Pour into lip pots. Allow to set. Be careful not to get the melted mixture on your skin as it will be hot.

The Picture below shows the lip sav when it has set and is ready for use on its own or under lip color. Yippeeeee!


If you find the consistency too hard, then try adding a bit more carrier oil or using less wax.

If you like a harder sav, try lessening the amount of oil, using a harder butter or adding additional wax or butter. Again, you can totally play with the recipe + make it to your liking. 

Do you have a lip sav recipe you rave about? What ingredients do you like to use? 

If you enjoyed this recipe, please share it with an obsessed lip balm fanatic. Have a great week!  ;@)