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One of MY Fav Obsessions, Lip balms

Ahhh, lip balms. One of my favorite things “I never leave home without.”…come to think of it, lip balms are one of my obsessions. I really do hate when my lips become so dry they start to peel (especially in the winter or just after a meal). Don’t you just hate when that happens or you realize you forgot your lip balm, then wind up licking your lips every 2 seconds?!@ Forget about focusing on conversation, we want to get our lips moisturized like “Right now!!” nearest drugstore please.

A long time ago, I purchased a common name brand fruit flavored lip balm. I admit the fruit flavor (advertised over the packaging was too good to pass up) was the main reason why I bought it. I remember after one day’s use of the lip balm, I couldn’t figure out why my lips felt raw, were puffy and were peeling (can you imagine my shock and despair over my poor lips!? Omg). I of course finally realized the only new thing I used was the lip balm. I immediately looked at the ingredients to find out artificial flavor, parabens and chemical sunscreens were among the list. I soon found out how allergic I am to those ingredients and that was the start of my search for more natural based products without all the excess chemicals or additives. It was also the end of the fruit flavored lip balm!

Last week, I went back for a second go around on a lip balm I previously tried but wasn’t too excited about. The corner of my mouth became irritated, cracked and peeled the very next day!

How sad! Needless to say I will be sticking to my homemade lip savs and my Neutrogena Naturals lip balm (so far no problems there).

This got my juices flowing to revisit one of my product obsessions, lip balms. Click here to learn more about the ingredients in lip balms which can cause allergic reactions.

Have you ever been allergic to your lip balm?