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Why Get a Skin Exam Anyway?


If you’ve never had your skin examined by a dermatologist, you need to read this. 

  • What’s my skin type? 
  • Does anyone in my family have skin cancer?
  • Have I had lots of sunlight exposure as a little child?
  • What things can I do to minimize further sun damage to my skin?
  • Can I have Melanoma Skin Cancer? Can I really die from it?
  • How do I know when I should come see the doctor for a suspicious spot? 

Have these questions ever crossed your mind? Maybe.  Maybe not. Without visiting the dermatologist, you might never know the answers based on your needs or worst, never would have thought of these questions. Going to the dermatologist provides not only a screening for skin disease, it can be one of the most important visits in your life. If you have Melanoma skin cancer and left it untreated, YOU COULD DIE.  

More than just acne
The dermatologist is more than just the doctor who makes your acne go away. He or she is a resource of knowledge for the largest organ of your body, your skin. You can find out your skin type, take a look at your risk factors for skin cancer, identify any at risk behaviors as well as learn new behaviors to promote healthy skin for you. You can get a skin exam and learn when you need to come in because of a mole.

Can you see your scalp?
I sure can’t! The dermatologist not only examines the parts you can see, he or she can assess those hard to see places such as your scalp and back. 

Establish a baseline
Your skin needs a baseline exam as well. You see your internist, dentist and gynecologist don’t you? (well we hope you do!) Without a baseline, you won’t have a starting point to go by and note changes if and when they occur.

Note Changes
After establishing a baseline, your dermatologist can detect  changes in lesions either in their size, shape, color or if they’re new. Any changes can warrant biopsy or removal of the lesion to rule out any malignancy. Some dermatologists practice the use of photographing lesions, taking measurements and dermatoscopy to help note changes.

Get the 411 on the latest and greatest
Interested in beautifying treatments? Want the latest products in fighting wrinkles? Your dermatologist will have information on the latest treatments that really work. When I get a microdermabrasion, I get it done professionally at my dermatologist’s office. He has access to various products and technologies and only selects the best. 

So skin ravers, are you headed to the skin doctor yet? Getting a skin exam is definitely an important doctor visit not to miss. See you there!