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GROVE Apotheca

Happy November skin ravers! I hope you had a fun filled weekend :@)

This week is an exciting one as we're introducing to you a relatively new company based in New Orleans called GROVE Apotheca. Started by Amber Grove, her company features personal care products made from whole plants, minerals and beeswax. Amber promises to deliver high quality products without over processing the ingredients; she calls them almost raw. We know that over processing ingredients can remove some of the bioactive material and essence. In order to retain some of the natural benefits, GROVE Apotheca believes in lessening our exposure to chemicals in our skin care products and chooses raw materials and leaves them almost as natural as can be.

I am super excited to have Amber Grove guest post this week on some concerns she is most passionate about.

Stay tuned all this week for our GROVE APOTHECA product reviews.

I can't wait! 


Main image courtesy of GROVE Apotheca