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Guest Post by Amber Grove from GROVE Apotheca

Petroleum jelly prevents moisture loss from skin.  As someone with extremely dry skin, my dermatologist simply couldn't comprehend why I refuse to use it.  This is why:

1. It is made from fossil fuel. Like plastic bags it is a byproduct from refining oil. It was first discovered in the late 19th century…on an oil rig.

2. The production of petroleum jelly (refining oil) pollutes our environment and causes many chronic health problems such as cancer. Louisiana is home to many refineries near me, so this pollution affects me personally.  

3.  It is a plastic bag on your skin. Not only does it keep moisture in, but it prevents air and water from entering your skin. Yep, your skin needs to breathe and this suffocates it. 

4. It seals bacteria into your skin. Those little beasties that cause acne don't need oxygen, so petroleum jelly just might give them a nice environment to thrive. 

5. It's cheap, industrial, and shelf-stable. Corporations make bigger profits with it (at your expense of course). 

6. There are fabulous alternatives to petrolatum. FDA-approved occlusives (ingredients that seal moisture into skin) include COCOA BUTTER and allantoin. Beeswax is also an occlusive. Cocoa butter actually adds moisture to skin. These alternatives are superior to petrolatum.