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Gardener's Glee Dry Hand Remedy is just the cure your hands (and feet!) need after a day of toiling outside or working double-duty at the office and home! This product is made with the highest quality, cold-pressed emollients, and your skin will love it! And, of course, it's paraben- and petrochemical-free.

With ingredients like Vitamin E Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Hempseed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil, your skin will drink in the emollients like it never has before! Non-greasy Gardener's Glee! Dry Hand Remedy is a must for every farmer, gardener and, well... anyone who wants soft hands!

Available with pure, steam-distilled lavender essential oil, or our lush and invigorating phthalate-free fragrance, "Gardener's Blend."

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