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What Factors Do You Think About When Choosing a Product?

I am always intrigued by what motivates people into choosing the products they buy. Since I have always been the wing man along for the ride, it made me look at what my own thoughts are when pondering a skin care product purchase.

Before buying any skin care product, what questions do you ask yourself?

Let’s use the example of choosing a facial skin cleanser. Before making my purchase, I think about what I want the product to achieve in terms of my skin care needs, while also factoring in ingredients and price.

My skin care needs and variables:

  • I have combination skin (normal, dry and oily T zone),
  • have the desire to reduce my chemical exposures,
  • am allergic to fragrance + chemical sunscreen agents + synthetic chemicals,
  • cleanser budget costing no more than $20 USD

I will always hunt for a cleanser that

  1. works with my combination skin (nothing too moisturizing or overly drying)
  2. contains less artificial chemicals and controversial chemicals such as parabens or sulfates
  3. has absolutely NO synthetic Fragrance, parfum, aromas or masking agents

In my case, the tendency is to shop for natural or organic brands with minimal ingredients, and less synthetic ingredients since many artificial ingredients give me itchy rashes. I look at labels for the ingredients listing as well as price.

How about yourself? What factors influence your skin care product purchases?