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Welcome to the Rave about Skin Blog!

Welcome to Rave about Skin and my first blog post! =)

I want to start out by talking about wellness. It’s now late June, let’s look at the New Year’s resolutions you’ve made. How are you doing so far?

Have YOU made some changes to promote your health? I sure hope so!

Making small changes and taking baby steps towards wellness and healthier living is HUGE. Let me say it this way, small steps can make a HUGE impact. If this is your present path, rock on sista! (or dude!)

What if you didn’t make any resolutions? Well that’s okay. Let’s make 1 or 2 goals today, starting right now! IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.

What kind of wellness goals are you working on?

Are you trying to lose 10 pounds?

Are you trying to lower your stress levels, which are through the roof between work and family responsibilities?

Not getting enough sleep?

Here at Rave about Skin, we focus on healthy skin, but we understand in order for that to happen, we also must focus on being healthy on the inside. And that can mean so many facets within our lives! When one area of our lives is out of balance or stressed, it’s going to affect another part of us.

Have you ever noticed your skin breaks out more when you’re stressed out??

We need to ensure positive energies are flowing through our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms. Are we physically well, emotionally and spiritually happy?

So take some time to reflect and think of areas in your life where you feel you could improve on and practice healthier habits. I challenge you to look at those negative habits and toxic energies prevailing. Come up with 1 or 2 workable goals to remove them from your life or transform them into positive energy. The more balanced we are overall, the healthier we can be. And that translates into skin health as well!!!

What wellness goals are you working on? We’d luv to hear from you! Please share your comments below.