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Read This Before Your Next Beauty Store Shopping Trip


Howdy SkinRavers, today’s blog piece stems from a shopping experience I had while shopping at a Westchester mall one day, with my cousin. We do love this store, (which shall remain nameless) because it offers the consumer a one stop shopping experience when it comes to beauty and skin care products; all under 1 roof. Love it!

Like I said, I do love this store however, I am compelled to warn you, don’t always believe what people tell you when shopping in stores.

So as my cousin and I are walking around inside the store, a salesgirl approaches and asks if we need help. I tell her I am looking for a facial scrub that has more natural ingredients and preservative free if possible. She escorts us over to an area of different brands and holds out a scrub product from Ren. I myself have never used anything from them before but was open to trying. So she gives us a 2 minute informative about the brand and the scrub itself while we try it on our skin. After trying the product out on our hands, I admit I am interested in this product. I do like the feel and consistency of the product. I read the ingredient label while she tells me how much she likes this brand.  

As I read through the ingredients, I see Phenoxyethanol on the list. I think to myself, this is a preservative. I ask the young lady whether the product has any preservatives, and she said quite confidently “No, this is all natural and preservative free.” I ask the young lady specifically, “Is this a preservative?” pointing to the word Phenoxyethanol on the product's ingredient label, and she said "No." I wasn't 100% certain about the ingredient but decided not to engage in a debate. I did tell her I thought the ingredient was a preservative and would like to keep looking around. I thanked her for her time and continued walking around the store.

I hold no offense to this salesperson, I will continue to shop at the store and be open to trying Ren products, I just wish the salesperson was more educated about skin care product ingredients and even brands.

It URKS me that another individual going to the store may be given inaccurate information. If I only listened to the saleperson, I might have purchased a product using preservatives when I set out to buy one without.

My take away from this for you as consumers is this; learn more about the products you use, the brands and ingredients that go into them...Don't just listen to what others tell you, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Add this step to your lifestyle so you become better informed consumers.

Now I’m not knocking sales people here. In fact, I LOVE my salespeople in all the stores I go to; I simply want to be given accurate information.

After contacting REN Skin care, I was informed via email, Phenoxyethanol and Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate are the 2 preservatives in their REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Polish.

Have you had a similar experience where a salesperson gave you false or in accurate info?? What happened when you went shopping...