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One Step Towards Wellness

In my first blog post, I asked you to think about small steps you could take that would make a great impact on your life and health; transforming negative energy into positive energy, how’s that coming along? By no means is this an easy task but we must practice in the direction of improving our health one step and one day at a time.

I thought I’d share with you one step I am taking towards wellness in my life. Last year, my husband and I noticed a mole on my chest grow in size as well as become darker in color. Of course being a dermatology nurse, I knew my mole needed evaluation by expert eyes and most likely, a biopsy. My dermatologist looked at it and performed a shave biopsy. A week later, the report showed it to be….no Melanoma and no re-excision required. Well thank goodness! However, within 3-4 months, the mole started to grow back in some scar tissue. The image below is what the area looks like today. The area of pigment that regrew measures about 4mm.

Fast forward 10 months after the biopsy, I went back to my dermatologist who looked at it again with his dermatoscope. Praying for “no procedure” didn’t help as he informed me the borders of the lesion were irregular enough to now warrant excision. Don’t get me wrong, I am super happy the initial report didn’t turn out to be Melanoma as I would worry about having cancer, however, I am not psyched that I need to have a mole carved out of my chest now. I luv my plastic surgeon but I am not eager to be his next patient!

As my act of prevention and health promotion, I will schedule a consultation to the plastic surgeon and go over details for the excision (Drats, I mean yeah). I wouldn’t want to miss an underlying skin cancer since the whole lesion wasn’t removed and the lesion borders appear irregular now.

Stay tuned for my follow-up post on the plastic surgeon’s visit.

What’s your Step towards wellness this year?