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Martha Health Care

Morag Currin introduced the Martha Health Care product line to me during our oncology esthetics training. A line started in Italy by a daughter looking for quality skin care products for her mother to use when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Determined, daughter Chiara went to Milan, Italy and began work with a team of oncologists and dermatologists to create Martha Health Care products named after her mother, who is alive and doing well. 

Products specifically made for those undergoing cancer treatment are in great need, and most definitely not spoken of unless you're a patient. Cancer treatment inclusive of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation can create side effects which impact the skin's integrity and affect a person's quality of life. Some side effects include dry skin, itching, redness, fissures and cracks in the skin. 

We know many products over the counter contain all sorts of ingredients, some can extremely dry the skin out (think surfactants and alcohols), some may occlude the skin (silicones), while others can be irritating and capable of causing allergic reactions. Martha Care's philosophy is to provide adequate, quality, clean products that can help improve the skin while minimizing the possible side effects of cancer treatment.

Currently, there are 6 products that are the main products for the face, body and teeth...with more coming. 

Martha Care products were made for stressed skin undergoing cancer therapies however, the ingredients are appropriate for those with sensitive skin and those simply looking for cleaner products without a lot of chemicals. Martha Care products are all free of the following (which is pretty impressive):

  • parabens
  • glycol + PEG
  • mineral oil
  • silicone
  • diazolidinyl urea
  • bht/ bha
  • edta
  • synthetic polymer
  • alcohol
  • synthetic dyes
  • tea/dea
  • oxybenzone
  • fragrance allergen
  • sulfate
  • triclosan

Stay tuned, I'll be posting about their products in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out their product line at Martha Health Care.