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Halloween Makeup

Happy Friday skin ravers!

Tomorrow is Halloween here in the states and I wanted to leave some reminder tips before donning on those ghoulish and frightful costumes....mmmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaa :)

Last year I wrote about Haily the young girl who dressed as a peacock and used Fright Night eye shadow tattoos which resulted in a chemical burn on some of the skin surrounding her eyes. The makeup used only showed a list of dyes that may have been in the ingredients.

If you're planning on using halloween makeup as part of your costume, here are some helpful reminders:

  • Don't buy products without ingredients list 
  • Look for more reputable, high quality brands (expensive doesn't always mean better or high quality)
  • Read the label for ingredients
  • Confirm to see if color additives used in the product have any restricted uses such as around the eyes (highly recommended)
  • Check for other ingredients you know you or your child may be allergic to such as preservatives
  • Check packaging for warnings or caution labels
  • If possible, perform a skin patch test in advance to check for any sensitivity
  • Be sure to remove make-up after festivities are over
  • Contact your doctor if any irritation, itching, inflammation or other signs of discomfort are noted during or after use

If you're concerned about the makeup to be used, your best bet is to perform a patch test to all the makeup you plan to use. 

Another option is to use the makeup you have at home and wear already. Red lipsticks, dark shadows and white shimmery powders can translate to some scary good looks. Orange, pink blushes and taupey brown contour colors can transform one into a cute adorable kitten.

Again, only use items with ingredients lists and if possible perform a skin patch test in advance.

Interestingly enough, this year, I found more natural and non toxic brands online...I'll leave the links below in case you're curious.

What costume will you be wearing?

Have a safe and wonderful weekend trick or treating!

(*If you make a purchase using any of the links below, please know, I may make a commission. I am very grateful and appreciate your continued support towards this site)