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Getting Skin Ready for Fall

Now that summer is over and fall is here, it’s time to prepare our skin for the next season and maintain our fabulous glow.

Does your skin tend to get drier in the fall? It’s important to know how your skin behaves all times of the year and in different seasons. The tendency for many is when the weather becomes cool, the air gets drier and so does their skin. Once you’ve assessed how your skin reacts to the seasons; you can customize the products you use and adjust for when skin is dry vs. oily.

The following is a comparison based on my own skin assessment during the summer and fall months.

Summer months

My skin is > oily

Hence I use a cleanser that is more drying, not moisturizing

Moisturizer is only applied over the dry patches of skin, rarely all over

I exfoliate 3-4 times a week

Sunscreen for face and body daily and reapply every 2 hours (I at least try!!!)

Fall months

My skin is > dry

Hence I use a cleanser that is moisturizing and less drying OR I moisturize more frequently

I exfoliate 3-4 times a week, less if skin feels too dry from exfoliating

Sunscreen for sun exposed areas as well as my face before make-up


  1. Continue to cleanse both AM and PM.
  2. Remember to exfoliate, just don’t overdo if it’s drying your skin too much. Exfoliating rids the skin of dead cells (if left behind, take away from your fabulous glow!) Oh no, we don't want that AT ALL.
  3. Moisturize as needed with a facial moisturizer. Some of you may already know this but never use a body moisturizer on the face as they tend to be heavier and can clog the pores resulting in acne breakouts (e.g. I wouldn’t put my foot cream on my face!).
  4. Remember your anti-oxidants. I like to apply anti-oxidants topically as well as get them from my diet. Anything to fight off free radicals!
  5. Eat a healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep.
  6. Work on decreasing stress levels.
  7. Don’t forget sun protection! Always use SPF 30 or higher. Another thing to contemplate over in the fall your tan may be just about faded, fall     might be the time to have that laser treatment, brown spots removed or try out that retinoid cream you were too worried to attempt with the summer sun. 

Fall is a popular time for trying new treatments when you’re not in the sun all the time.
As you can see, many of these tips are valid for maintaining healthy and radiant skin in general, not just for season changes…it’s all about knowing your body which includes assessing your skin. I always say the more you know, the more choices you will create for yourself (I’m all about options if you hadn’t noticed!). :)

What skin changes do you notice when seasons change?

Do you switch up any products? Please share your experiences.

Happy Fall skin ravers!