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Don't Fry Day 2016

Hello skin ravers.

Today is a gorgeous day in New York City and the start of a beautiful stretch of weather in the coming days. Without a doubt people will be spending time enjoying the outdoors. The National Council On Skin Cancer Prevention wants to remind everyone to practice sun safety while out today and everyday and has made tomorrow, Friday, Don't Fry Day.

The goal behind Don't Fry Day is to help create awareness towards practicing sun safe behaviors all to reduce the rate of skin cancer which in past decades has increased over 100%.

We know that ultraviolet light exposure plays a large role in the cause of skin cancer and the more we do to lessen our exposure, the more prevention we practice. 

So What Are Some Sun Safety Steps You Can Take...

  • don't burn as overexposure to the sun is the most preventable risk factor for skin cancer
  • avoid sun tanning and tanning beds as the UV light from tanning and tanning beds can cause skin cancer as well as contribute to wrinkling and aging of skin
  • cover up with sun protective clothing, a wide brimmed hat (umbrella) and sunglasses where possible
  • seek shade during the hours when UVR is strongest between 10am and 4pm
  • generously apply sunscreen that is broad spectrum and at least SPF 30, reapply every 2 hours
  • use caution near water, sand and snow as these can reflect rays and increase exposure
  • check the UV index when planning outdoor activities to avoid overexposure
  • get Vitamin D safely through food and dietary supplements as opposed to sun or indoor tanning

Remember skin cancer affects us all and every one can do their part to help reduce its incidence. 

Visit the Don't Fry Day website to download free resources to share with friends, family and colleagues.

Have a fabulous weekend! and if you're feeling inspired, share on social media or twitter your sun safety practices :)