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Chikyu Skin Care

Happy Friday Skin ravers!

I'm suuuupper excited to introduce to you, a local brand from Santee, California called Chikyu Skin Care. The owner of Chikyu is Lynn Gentile. Over the past 2 months while using her products, I've become a big fan of hers. Lynn appreciates skin care products that contain simple and pure ingredients. She frowns upon harmful chemicals and toxins, which is why you won't be finding them in any of her skin care products. Her brand philosophy definitely brings an awareness to the ingredients we place on our skin. Some of these ingredients ultimately penetrate pass the skin barrier and absorb right into our bodies.

Lynn believes we should be kind to our bodies and go beyond just taking care of our skin. In order to truly take care of ourselves, Lynn says we must look at our lifestyles; at the food we eat, whether we are getting enough physical activity, rest and even enjoyment from within our lives.

We were lucky enough to try some of Chikyu's products and found them to be effective and wonderfully luxurious. I found they added a new level of enjoyment to my skin care routine. It's a pleasure to use only pure botanical extracts, oils and hydrosols on my skin. I love that all the raw materials used in the products are naturally derived from the earth and will return back to the earth without harming it. For example, in Chikyu's Bamboo Charcoal Face Wash, natural exfoliants such as jojoba beads and fig powder are used, you won't find plastic polyethylene beads here which can wind up in our lakes and ecosystems. 

Another plus, Chikyu product scents naturally comes from what each raw ingredient contributes and nothing more. Every time I would bring the products into class for practical facial use, each classmate would emphatically tell me how great the product(s) smelled. This just goes to show you a product can have an amazing scent, be simply pure; no synthetic fragrance needed.

You'll see me list their 3-6 month shelf life as a con, but only made note for those who may want to know this. I firmly believe in the philosophy of using natural/ chemical free products. If they have shorter shelf lives, thats a trade off I DON'T MIND AND WOULD GLADLY PAY FOR. 

Honestly, the products are so good, you'll happily use them daily and finish them way before the expiration date. I have great affection for brands that continue to create formulas that are natural and chemical free, like Chikyu.

Chikyu Skin Care encompasses products for the face as well as for the body. They include:

  • cleansers, clay masks + toners
  • eye gels + serums
  • face creams + cleansing oils
  • body scrubs + butters

Please read and become familiarized with Chikyu's products as they are consistently fabulous.

Meet Lynn, owner of Chikyu Skin Care

Chikyu Oats And Honey Facial Cleanser 

Chikyu Facial Toner For Parched Skin 

Chikyu Facial Cleansing Oil -a best seller!

Chikyu Luminance Face Cream - a Vegan formula, very luxurious