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Young men are more likely to die from Melanoma. Does this motivate you?

I read an article yesterday about some new research that looked at mortality rates among white men and women diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer. The study included 26,000 young men and women ages 15-39 diagnosed with Melanoma between 1989 and 2009. Research showed the mortality rate for men was higher than for women. Even in patients with the thinnest tumors, men were still twice as likely to die when compared to their female counterparts!

I find that most interesting and alarming at the same time!

why do you think that is?

Do we as women take better care of ourselves or practice more primary preventive habits such as performing self exams and going to the doctor? 

If I compare the behaviors of my parents who are the same age; does my mom go for more check ups? probably, but not by a far percentage. Is my dad more lacksadaisical? Probably (though he's gotten much better with going to the doctor with age!) When thinking about behaviors, I have to think about what influenced their health behaviors, and that can be numerous factors...

Is it all just behavioral? Or is there a real biological difference when Melanoma develops in men?

Certainly, more research is needed to help determine this.

In light of this new information, emphasis is continuously needed for us ALL to

P R A C T I C E more health promoting habits, regardless of gender or mortality rates. 

  • so remember to check your skin every month for new or changing spots
  • did you book your annual skin exam with the dermatologist?
  • practice sun safety by minimizing sunlight exposure and using sun protection
  • skip that tanning bed (whatever happened to porcelain white skin being the rave?!)

I dont know about you, but I want to live as long as I can and as healthy as can be.

Having seen what the alternative is, is enough to motivate me to do what I need to do!

What are your thoughts on this new info? Does this motivate you to do change any health behaviors?? I'd luv to hear from you.

till next time,