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Skin Care Tips to Keep You Glowing for the Holidays

Happy holidays skin ravers! I hope you all are spending time with loved ones, good friends, spreading positive energy and of course experiencing good tidings.

Today I am sharing my tips for creating happy, glowing skin during the festivities..and if you have any tips for getting your skin, holiday radiant ready, please leave me a comment below. I’d luv to hear your great go to tips and routines.

  1. Hydrate, eat healthy and sleep well

We all know the holidays mean good times and partying, but we also know it can mean time spent scrambling for presents, less sleep and plenty of running around. Make time even before the Christmas parties begin to schedule time to eat healthy, balanced meals. Remember to get enough rest and keep hydrated by drinking at least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Gravitate towards eating various colored fruits and vegetables and steer clear of heavily salted or sugar laden foods. Too much sodium intake can lead to water retention which can show as puffy eyes or puffy facial features. In doing so, your body will thank you, stay more balanced and less stressed. Decrease the stress, less cortisol is released, less sugar spikes, less anti-inflammatory effects and more glowing skin (yes we like that).

  2.  Add gentle exfoliation

So the idea here is gentle sloughing off of dead skin. A few days before a party, try incorporating a gentle scrub to lightly exfoliate (remember you don’t want to look like a tomato). Coming closer to the party, you can try a gentle enzyme mask. This will help give you a refreshed and dewy appearance. My favs: (affiliate links) Alba Botanica’s Rainforest Scrub, Andalou Naturals’ Berry Enzyme Mask.

  3.  Last minute attacks

Develop a last minute zit? Whatever you do, don’t pop it yourself; if it’s really huge and juicy, best to leave it to the professionals. That way there’s less chance for scarring and infection (yes it happens). But if it’s small, you could try using a natural spot treatment and cover it with a concealer. My favs: (affiliate links) Burt’s Bees Targeted Spot Treatment and 100% Pure’s Long Last Concealer.

  4.  Final touches

My final touches before the party include jazzing my skin up with color. Adding to the lips, cheeks and eyes all energize me up for great times with friends. Add as little or as much as you want, it’s the holidays! Some great finds for me include (affiliate links) Healthy Skin Foundation with Super fruits, cheek tint and dusting powder.

  5.  Clean and refresh for another day

When all the festivities come to an end, our skin needs to be cleansed and prepped for another day of festivities.

Be sure to include a good cleanser that removes make-up, dirt and oils. During the Winter season, I like to use antioxidant filled moisturizers at night to help rejuvenate the skin while I sleep. If your skin is oily, then try an antioxidant serum instead. My favs include (affiliate links) Andalou Naturals Q10 Night Cream and MyChelle’s Supreme Peptide Cream.

I hope these tips help! Merry Christmas friends and see you in 2014.